The Simplified Ops Management Platform For Cloud Ops Teams.

UnifyStack helps teams that run cloud services root-cause issues quickly, eliminate tribal knowledge, and stay on top of operations before it becomes unmanageable.

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Break data silos between services and knowledge silos between coworkers, so every member of your team can resolve issues quickly.

Discover causes and effects across service and team boundaries

We provide a bird's-eye view of your stack by aggregating your events into a filterable audit trail. A single view to see what's changing in your system, from alerts, deployments, code, to changes in your cloud provider.

Well defined ownership. So nothing gets missed

Assign individual or class of events for follow up and track ownership of ops items until root-caused. Always know who's in charge of what and never miss a team learning opportunity.

Eliminate tribal knowledge

Quickly attach context, findings and tribal knowledge to events as you go to spread insights and domain knowledge when similar events happen in the future.

The right information where you need it

We work where you work. We automatically provide your team with insights and context directly in Slack when events you care about occur.

Put your ops on autopilot

Consolidate playbooks into event-driven workflows that can enrich incidents, test false positives, or auto-remediate your known issues without human intervention.

Give the right tools to the right people

Improve visibility and enable your support, dev, and ops teams with the right tools. Execute workflows directly from Slack.

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