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Debug and Resolve Issues Safely and Quickly Directly From Slack

Empower your devs, ops and support teams and improve visibility. Eliminate ops tribal knowledge and avoid manual errors with our chatops workflows.

Both your new hires and seasoned engineers will love it.



Give the right tools to the right people to get the job done safely


Give the right people the right tools to debug and fix issues quickly.

No hidden and outdated wiki pages to keep up-to-date.

Avoid error prone manual commands with automation.

Fine grained role-based access to commands from a central location.

We don’t like to use superlatives but we feel justified in saying:

We are building the most flexible, powerful, easy to use chatops engine you've ever seen.

No seriously, check it out - It takes less than a minute to get started.


Powered by our fully managed workflow engine, we provide you true freedom to create powerful chatops workflows.


No confusing SDKs.


No code required.


No hardware to manage.


No agents required.

Stop switching contexts and save time by debugging directly in Slack.

/unifystack kubectl get pods

chatops example
Code Optional

No coding required. Create powerful chatops commands directly from your browser.

But you CAN also use yaml, if you're into that kind of thing.

Save On Time

Don't waste time creating tools to save you time.

We're making it ridiculously easy to create powerful workflows in minutes.

Human In The Loop

Build interactivity into your chatops workflows to allow your ops team to make decisions or provide approvals.

Put the power in your engineers' hands.


Integrations on top of integrations, on top of integrations. You need it? We've got it

And if we don't have it, we’ll add it.

Easily Extendable

Remember how we said code optional?

Well you can actually extend functionality using functions-as-a-service or webhooks.

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